Our Story

The GW9 story.

Welcome to next level driving – and next level styling. We’re GW9, proud makers of the bespoke line of accessories for Gunther Werks. If you’re a European automotive enthusiast – or simply a lover of exquisitely crafted performance cars – you’ve probably heard of us.

In just a few short years, we’ve become a game changer in automotive design, thanks to our reimagined Gunther Werks cars. Our team of industry veterans built an air-cooled, analog masterpiece with a production run of only 25 vehicles worldwide. Each car is a proud nod to history – and an unapologetically kickass piece of driving technology.

We’ve brought that same spirit of innovation to our exclusive line of accessories.

If you’re looking to take your car’s styling and performance to the next level, our carbon fiber accessories are the perfect place to start. We also offer an eye-catching array of artwork, apparel, and limited addition items that let you showcase – and show off your passion for precision engineering – and unforgettable driving experiences.

Explore our current line up – and share the drive.